“The renewable energies industry is witnessing significant and rapid change everywhere. Latin America and the Caribbean region has every possible climate and resource that positions it extremely well within this nascent industry.

• Wind maps of the world show that the southern Argentine Patagonia region has the single best winds that can be harnessed to develop clean electricity, and that there are pockets within Mexico, Peru and Chile among many others that are also excellent locations. Nonetheless, Brazil already dominates in this technology with over 1000 MW of installed capacity and will soon see the beginnings of an M&A market
• World solar maps show that the Atacama Desert in northern Chile is among the best to develop solar-powered energy in a region in need of new sources of energy to continue their economic growth, and that many mining companies are using this technology to reduce their carbon footprint
• Colombia is developing a vibrant biofuels industry based on sustainably-developed palm oil, while Brazil is a world leader in sugarcane ethanol and currently the second largest producer overall
• Central American nations are establishing legal frameworks that will facilitate the development of the industry
• Geothermal maps of the world show that the Pacific Ring of Fire holds enormous reserves of this clean energy, and many Central American nations, along with Mexico and Chile, are actively developing geothermal energy projects
• Caribbean nations have established themselves as excellent launch pads to enter the U.S. market
• Argentina is the second largest biodiesel producer in the world, exporting most of its production to Europe, while Brazil is the third largest in the world – and hasn’t even begun to export biodiesel

All of these countries show great promise in further developing their industries as the twenty first century becomes known as the Renewable Energies Century, and the demand for new and cleaner sources of energy translates into new opportunities for investment and research throughout the region.

We are in the early stages of a great transformation of Latin America, a transformation that requires expertise, capital, and access to decision makers that can make your investments come to fruition.

Latin Renewables has the necessary expertise, capital and access to decision makers.”